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Stone SPX Power Unit - AC-10AH

Stone SPX Power Unit - AC-10AH

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Complete replacement hydraulic POWER UNIT for most lifts or hoists. ETL Certified. Includes hydraulic tank, pump, motor & switch. Stone (Fenner) brand. Assembled in the USA. This Power Unit does not have a "cable pull" overhead high-limit switch which is required on some 2-post lifts that have a cable type overhead limit. 

  • Compatible with virtually every 2-post lift up to (and including) 11,000 lbs. capacity (and many 12k 2-post), and 4-post lifts up to (and including) 12,000 lbs. capacity. Also compatible with in-ground "cartridge" lifts.
  • ETL Certified.
  • 2.1 Gallons per Minute flow rate.
  • 208-230 volt single phase. 60 hz.
  • 2 hp 3450 rpm motor (3.5 hp motor torque equivalent).
  • 4 gallon tank.
  • Compatible with standard hydraulic oil or Dexron II transmission fluid (not included).
  • Cartridge type high pressure relief valve, 2755 psi.
  • Fast flow rate matches lift speed of most OEM power units.
  • Pump outlet (SAE 6 type, 9/16"-18 straight thread) can be on either side of unit.
  • 3/8" pipe thread port for lifts that have a "cylinder vent" return to tank.
  • Universal mounting bracket.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Made in the USA.

Can replace many of the following brands of power units: Fenner, SPX, Stone, MTE, Barnes, Global Hydraulics, Monarch, Haldex, Duro, and others.

Installation note: if lift is equipped with an ELECTRONIC overhead limit switch, wire that switch in SERIES with the motor start switch.

OEM / Aftermarket Interchanges:

  • BH-7520-08, BH-7006A-19, BH-7006A-18, BH-7006A-17, BH-7006A-16, BH-7006A-15, BH-7006A-14, BH-7006A-13, BH-7006-01LS-19, BH-7006-01LS-18, BH-7006-01LS-17, BH-7006-01LS-16, BH-7006-01LS-15, BH-7006-01LS-14, BH-7006-01LS-13, BH-7006-19, BH-7006-18, BH-7006-17, BH-7006-16, BH-7006-15, BH-7006-14, BH-7006-13 .
  • FA781
  • P461, P502, P602, P650, P702, P709, P750, P1002, P1350, P1352, P1302, P3302 .
  • AB-1468, AB1270, 17300001
  • 992028 
  • 5585285
  • 31368-19

WARNING: Replacing the hydraulic power unit DOES NOT INCREASE THE RATED CAPACITY OF THE LIFT! Never lift more than the rated capacity of any lift.

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