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RAV Vistar TD3000HP - 3D Wheel Alignment Machine

RAV Vistar TD3000HP - 3D Wheel Alignment Machine

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Revolutionary 3D imaging alignment machine can be used with more than one lift, off the floor, or in a pit. QC FastCheck software is included for FastCheck alignment tests.


  • Alignment and Check System—Two systems in one!
  • Allows you to bring the system to the vehicle needing the alignment check.
  • Can be used with more than one lift and in more than one bay.
  • Can be used off the floor even from a parking lot.
  • Compensates for unlevel lift or floor.
  • Creates an instant diagnosis of the chassis.
  • Uses the EZ Printout to help explain and sell more alignment services
  • Lifetime Telephonically Based Support
  • Lifetime Internet Based Support
  • FastCheck Software Included
  • Premium Alignment Software Package
  • VIN Data Base Included
  • VIN Scan Tool optional
  • SmartPhone app optional
  • Target data updates via internet
  • Free alignment program updates
  • Bluetooth wireless data transfer
  • Non Runout Wheel Adaptors…No roll…No push
  • Able to read long wheel based light trucks
  • No interruption in signal due to changes in lift height
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