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RAV G7645.26 High Performance Tilt Back Tire Changer

RAV G7645.26 High Performance Tilt Back Tire Changer

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The TiltPro is certainly one of the strongest and most versatile tire changers in our line. Its strength comes from its heavily constructed tilt-back design which is inherently less flexible than the swing arm design. So much structural strength allows the machine to easily handle its large clamping table. Our 220 volt true variable speed drive gives the machine power and versatility needed for today’s tires and wheels.

Features and Benefits

  • Semi automatic operation
  • 220 volt variable speed drive
  • 26″ outside clamping
  • 8000 PSI bead breaking
  • Premium European quality


External Clamping:                                10 in - 28 in

Internal Clamping:                                 12 in - 30 in

Max. tire diameter:                                 45 in

Max. rim width:                                       17 in

Bead breaker cylinder

power at 175 psi:                                    8000 lbs.

Air Supply                                               110 -150 PSI

Motor:                                                     1 HP - 200V 50-60 Hz - single phase

Turntable rotation speed                       0-15 rev/min rpm

Max. torque to turntable:                       885 Ft./lbs 1

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