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RAV G4.140SCAN Fully Automatic Wheel Balancer

RAV G4.140SCAN Fully Automatic Wheel Balancer

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The G4.140SCAN balancer will automatically spin the wheel, inspect the rim with a moving scanner, determine whether it is steel or aluminium, calculate the unbalance, and stop and point with a laser the exact spot where to apply the outer and the inner correcting weight! The large screen with the latest graphic will support you through the operation showing the unbalance values.

Features and Benefits


In AUTO mode the balancer does everything AUTOMATICALLY:

  • balancing program selection
  • spoke count
  • position of hidden weights



  • Rim diameter                              10” - 30” automatic
  • Rim width                                    1.5" - 22"
  • Max wheel weight                       176 lbs.
  • Read-out accuracy                     1 g / .035 oz
  • Cycle time                                    6 sec.
  • Rotation speed                            (rpm) ‹ 100
  • Power supply                              110-230V / 50-60/1ph
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