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Corghi Exact 70 - Alignment Machine

Corghi Exact 70 - Alignment Machine

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Corghi Exact 70 Wheel Alignment System

Computerized wheel aligner with 8-CCD-camera sensor heads

CCD sensor heads available in wireless or cable versions. Wireless version on 2.4 GHz industrial radio frequency. Battery charging on cabinet. The battery charger can support both the sensor heads and the clamps. Roomy internal storage space for protecting PC and printer.

Corghi Exact 70 Software Features


  • EXACT PLUS, the Corghi wheel alignment program for the most demanding professional. EXACT PLUS works with the Windows XP EMBEDDED operating system. Clear, intuitive graphics, userfriendly, complete and customisable.
  • Manual toe curve measurement and adjustment procedure.
  • Push-type, 2 and 3 point and single sensor ROC and ROC skip option.
  • Car and van databank with more than 18,000 vehicles. Optional truck and bus databanks with more than 3,000 vehicles.
  • “Easy Caster”: quick caster measurement with no brakes on sensor heads
  • Animated tutor guides preparation of vehicle for alignment
  • “Quick Check”: complete 2-head front axle measurement and adjustment procedure
  • Cradle Adjustment
  • Quick job record data input
  • Continuous sensor calibration checking.,/li>
    • Optional Procedures Available
    • Truck and trailer procedure
    • Adjustment help, schematic slides or animations

Operating Configuration Included

  • Wheeled cabinet
  • Wireless or cable sensor headsProfessional PC
    • INTEL motherboard
    • 256 MB RAM minimum
    • 80 GB HD minimum
    • DVD reader
    • High-speed USB 2.0 port
    • Ethernet network circuit board
    • Keyboard
  • Windows XP Embedded
  • EXACT PLUS alignment program
  • Asa Network, RH-Meter and Romess CM-09606 compatible
  • Pedal depressor
  • Steering clamp

Optional Accessories Available

  • Optical mouse
  • IR remote control
  • Universal support for LCD monitor
  • 17 – 19 - 20” LCD colour monitor
  • Colour inkjet printer
  • 10-26"’ or 10-19’’ car wheel brackets with self-centring system
  • 9-21" quick wheel clamps
  • BMW - Mercedes wheel clamps
  • 10-25" truck wheel clamps with self-centring system
  • ROC skip clamps for fleet hd trucks
  • Special procedures: MULTILINK, RADAR, trucks and trailers, vehicle weight and Specialty Product catalogue
  • Adjustment help, schematic slides or animations
  • External battery charger for charging batteries with PC off
  • Special car constructor configurations
  • Complete range of accessories

Installation and training will be provided on the purchase of all new machines except the @120 changer, @601 balancer, TS24 Tire Dunker, IC90 Inflation Station and all Service Pro models

Specifications Exact 70
Measuring Ranges
Total Toe ± 48°
Half Toe ± 24°
Camber ± 10°
Caster ± 30°
King Pin ± 30°
Set Back ± 22°
Thrust Angle ± 10°
Steering Angle ± 20°
Power Supply
Central Unit 90-260 Vca / 50-60 Hz / 1ph
Central Unit Consumption 0.4 kW
Sensors 800mm x 135mm x 210mm
Width x Depth x Height 800mm x 630mm x 1710mm
with Sensors 1350mm x 1320mm x 1710mm
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