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CEMB SM628BPS - Swing Arm Tire Changer

CEMB SM628BPS - Swing Arm Tire Changer

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Professional grade swing arm tire changers for OEM and oversized tires and custom wheel applications. Features an optional high-performance Bead Press System (BPS) which is highly recommended to easily aid in the servicing of low-profile, run flat, on/off road tires and commercial light trucks with stiff sidewalls and difficult rims with deep drop centers.

Bead Pressing System
Bead Press System (BPS) provides simple servicing of stiff sidewall tires and deep drop center rims. Dual bead press aids save time and offers flexibility in multiple mounting methods.

Quick-Change Mounting Head
Standard quick-change steel and polymer mounting head kit is supplied standard allows simple and fast change over from steel wheels to protection of alloy wheels.

  • North American design adapted to tall and wide tires handles virtually all wheels up to 44” and 15” in width. Outside clamps rims from 12”-26” and is self-centering with rim diameter indexing guides.
  • Standard quick-change mount head kit provides steel and polymer long wearing mounting heads.
  • Self-centering clamping jaws with high quality dual air cylinders; uniform clamping pressures and high clamping force reduce the possibilities of rim slippage.
  • Add a high-performance BPS (Bead Press System) for simple servicing of stiff side wall tires and deep drop center rims.
  • Heavy duty, high torque, 2-speed (8-15 rpm) 220v motor easily handles the most difficult sidewall tires and deep drop center rims.
  • Comes Fully Assembled


Specifications SM625
Inside Clamping 13" - 26"
Maximum Tire Outside 44″ (1,110 mm)
Maximum Tire Width 15"
Bead Breaker Force 6,175 lbf (2,800 Kgf)
Operating Pressure 145 psi (10 bar)
Power Supply 110 VAC
Shipping Weight 440 lbs (200 Kg)
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