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CEMB DWA1000XLB - Wireless Wheel Alignment System (Basic)

CEMB DWA1000XLB - Wireless Wheel Alignment System (Basic)

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The CEMB DWA1000XLB wireless basic wheel alignment system utilizes 8 Sensor CCD Technology and MEMS static accelerometers, providing the latest in measuring technology.

Standard Accessories

CEMB DWA1000XLB Grippers

1 set of standard car gripper

CEMB DWA1000XLB 4 wheel clamps

Wheel Clamps
4 wheel clamps 24"

CEMB DWA1000XLB Sensors

4 car and light truck sensor heads

CEMB DWA1000XLB Laptop

Laptop Computer

CEMB DWA1000XLB BT2 Connection

BT2 Connection
Wireless BT2 connection

CEMB DWA1000XLB Database

Car and light truck software and database

CEMB DWA1000XLB Specification Book

Specification Book
Wheel Alignment Specification Book

  • 8 sensor CCD technology
  • DSP processing
  • Four shock resistant BT2 wireless rechargeable alignment heads with charging station standard
  • Featherweight alignment heads. Only 5.75 lbs each
  • Lithium ion batteries for long life
  • MEMS static accelerometers provide the latest in measuring technology (newest measuring technology)
  • 24” wheel clamping range (30” optional)
  • Laptop computer and storage cabinet standard
  • Windows based software with multiple languages
  • Spoiler mode
  • Complete vehicle and customer database with alignment specification 30 years
  • User friendly software to guide technician

Specifications DWA1000XLB
Power Supply 110VAC
Shipping Dimensions L58" x W43" x H85"
Gross Shipping Weight 320 lbs.
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