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Atlas SLP-9K - 9,000 lb. Capacity Full-Rise Scissor Lift

Atlas SLP-9K - 9,000 lb. Capacity Full-Rise Scissor Lift

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The Atlas® SLP-9K full rise scissor lift combines an extremely low lift platform height and a 78 inch full rise scissor jack system. The Atlas® SLP-9K full rise scissor lift is the perfect above ground lift for those customers with ceiling height restrictions and the need for “enough lift” to raise pick-up trucks. This Atlas® full rise scissor lift is also perfect for those service shops that want to avoid the cluttered look of dozens of vertical lift columns.

The Atlas SLP-9K can also be flush mounted. The flush mounted scissor lift gives the service area a “clean look” and also provides a “flat surface” which can be driven over from any angle, making it easy to position the vehicle over the lifting platforms. The 31" adjustable distance between the lift platforms of the Atlas® SLP-9K scissor lift can accommodate a full frame, uni-body, or SUV (truck) lifting points.

It is highly recommended that you purchase the Atlas® Scissor Lift Support Bars if the intended use is for lifting heavier vehicles (pickup trucks and SUVs) with narrow frames. The best way to position any vehicle on a scissor lift (with horizontal cylinders) is to allow some space (2-6 inches) between the lifting surface of the lift and vehicle’s lifting points.

The separate control panel may be conveniently positioned to allow easy access for the operator. The 220 volt (single phase) electric/hydraulic power unit is housed inside the metal control panel box. The push button controls activate the raising and lowering of the lift. The sophisticated 10 position air actuated lock system is automatically engaged and disengaged as the lift is being raised or lowered. Each hinge point has a zerk grease fitting to allow maximum lubrication to each joint. The UHMP wear blocks ensure years of smooth operation of the lifting surface. The lift has a safety lowering limit switch.

Once the lift platforms are lowered to within 10 ½ inches of the ground, the lift automatically stops its descent. The Down button needs to be released and depressed again to allow the lift to go down completely. The Atlas® SLP 9K has locking approach ramps (attached to the lifting platforms) that can be locked into a horizontal position after the lift is locked at the desired working height.

Specifications SLP-9K
Capacity 9,000 lbs
Max Lift Height 78" (6' 6")
Max Overall Length 82"
Lift Platform 59 ½" x 25 ½"
Lowered Height 4 ½"
Width Between Platforms Adj. up to 31"
Approach Ramps 11" x 24"
Locking Positions 10
Locks Actuated Air
Lifting Cylinders 4 (2 In Each Platform)
Motor/Electrical Requirement 2 HP 220V +/- 5% (209-231volts) 1 phase
A 30 amp breaker is required.
Oil Requirement 3.5 Gallons AW32/AW46
Shipping Weight 2,400 lbs
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